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Have You Done Any Of The Following?

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  • Had a few drinks at a party or a sporting event.
  • Drank with your colleagues after work.
  • Had a few drinks on your lunch hour.

Many people do. It doesn't seem too harmless, right? But let me ask you this question.

After you've had a few drinks, did you feel "nice" or just a little "tipsy" but felt you could drive because you were only a "short distance" from your home or hotel room?

Are you aware that more than two out of five (over 40%) vehicle fatalities in the United States are caused by people who drink and drive??? (NHTSA, 2009)

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Drunk driving depletes the US economy of economy of over $86 billion dollars a year and the experts, yes those experts cannot calculate the costs of human misery associated with the families of drunk driving victims.

How would you feel if your loved one was a victim of a drunk driving accident?

Join us now in practicing the new social event of the United States. Before you get behind the wheel of another vehicle…

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If you can't pass the Dr. TUBE Challenge, do not get behind the wheel of that car! The question you should be asking yourself now is: How do I take the Dr. TUBE challenge?

The answer is simple. Browse through our products section and discover for yourself how easy it is to check yourself before the police check you. You can also call us for more information at (212) 726-5704.


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