The only FDA Certified Instant DWI Cure in America; is the Alcotube Plus.

Instructions of use

The ALCOTUBE PLUS is a PATENTED, single use, portable, disposable, cigarette-size, 100% accurate, FOOL-PROOF, FDA CERTIFIED MEDICAL DEVICE that saves lives all over the world. Why not in America also.


   1. Packaged Alco-tube Plus, remove tube from packaging.

   2. Place tube in palm, squeeze gently to break seals. Tube is open for use.

   3. Take a deep breath and blow hard in Alco-tube until red dot turns white then stop blowing.

   4. When the red dot turns white stop blowing.

   5. On the left yellow crystals means unused and green color is used and alcohol present.

    6. Used tube green indicator crystals above black line says THE TESTER IS OVER THE LEGAL LIMIT.

TAKE THE Dr. TUBE CHALLENGE; check yourself before the police CHECK YOU!
Don't get caught dead drunk behind the wheel of that car please

One for $5 + S & H or two for $10 (free S & H)

Have you ever been in any of these situations?

Are you aware that more than two out of five (over 40%) vehicle fatalities in the United States are caused by people who drink and drive? (NHTSA, 2015).

Had a few drinks at a party or concert


Drank with your colleagues after work.


Had a few drinks on your lunch hour.


Had a few drinks at a sporting event.

What People Say About Us

Alco-tube The INSTANT DWI CURE, Patented, Portable & Disposable.

Simply saved my life

I took the Dr. Tube Challenge and my sober brother drove. Just before we got home he got stopped. SIMPLY SAVED MY LIFE

Alex Nelson

DNA Traceable

I needed reliability & discretion; The Alcotube Plus is my comfort zone.

Sara Glaser

Based on the Excellence!

These FDA Certified Medical Devices are the REAL TEETH to that slogan "Driving Responsibly" for sure.

Robert Smith


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One for $5 + S & H or two for $10 (free S & H)

The Alcotube Plus is an FDA Certified Medical Device.(No Prescription Necessary)

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