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The Alco-Tube Plusis one of our products defined as the real teeth to the slogan "driving responsibly." Everything else is either an unfunded mandate or meaningless rhetoric.

The Alco-Tube Plus is the only handheld, portable, disposable, waterproof, cigarette-sized, all glass breath tester with a patented formula that makes our product as accurate as the machine in the back of any police car. Period. No other product can make this claim. Not only that, but the Alco-Tube Plus is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Get Your Complementary Alco-Tube Plus Breath Testers Today by going to the Free offer page and taking the survey.

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Drunk driver being tested. Source: The

We at Alco-Tube Plus are working hard to dethrone the number one preventable health hazard in the United States within 10 years or by the year 2015. As part of our campaign, we are giving away $10 million dollars worth of Alco-Tube Plus breath testers. You can get yours right now, for FREE. Should you purchase one at any of our multiple retail sites throughout the country, the retail cost is $10.00.

Please note that the Alco-Tube Plus is a preventive device. It is not a license for you to drive after passing the Dr. TUBE Challenge. Legal Disclaimer.

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The time to order is now. Once we give away $10 million dollars worth of breath testers, we're not giving away any more.

Take the Dr. TUBE Challenge. Check yourself before the police check you or you're going to jail to do hard time. Is that what you really want?

* This special promotion is valid for residents living in the following locations: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and the Washington DC metropolitan area.


Six (6) Alco-Tube Plus, 100% Accurate, FOOL-PROOF Alcohol Breath Testers - only $29.99 + 4.95 S & H, F.O.B. Montreal, Canada

Quarterly tube delivery program / free offer, may cancel below.
Value Savings $ 64.94.

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Twelve (12) Alco-Tube Plus, 100% Accurate, FOOL-PROOF Alcohol Breath Tester - Only $59.99 + 5.95 S & H, F.O.B., Montreal, Canada
Value Savings $125.95.

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Twenty four (24) Alco-Tube Plus, 100% Accurate, FOOL-PROOF Alcohol Breath Tester - Only $119.99 + 8.95 S & H, F.O.B., Montreal, Canada

Value Savings $248.95

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